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 claim been rejected or partially paid, safety demands, How to insure, Pension and retirement, etc


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The Project

IF: your insurance claim been rejected, The insurer Wants to pay only part of the damage, Uncertain about the appropriate insurance?
Here: you can get a guiding hand by referring to a personal email from a leading insurance expert to whom your question relates


Our senior expert will guide you by providing an objective, priminal and basic reference in writing to your question.


Without registration fees / no charge of percentage from the result

Free tips and advice you can meet but nothing to eat..

According to the publication of the Commissioner of Insurance in Israel:

There is a trend of increase in the number of insurance claims submitted to court: in 2014, 36,356 claims were submitted the court, and in 2016 the number increased to 45,352. Of which only about 10,000 claims (less than 25%),was given a verdict in favor of the insured, about 5,500 claims were in the favor of insurance companies, 28,500 claims resulted in a compromise and about 1,000 claims ended in another status (eg canceled claims).

  • Acquiring appropriate insurance coverage, meeting protection requirements, understanding policy terms, defining deviations and deviations, exhausting insurance rights and other issues require skill, knowledge and understanding in insurance.
    The "Insurance basic check" project making your insurance easier to understand, simplifies  the complex insurance language and make it more comprehensible, provide you with a basic security diagnosis by leading professional and objective expert.

  • Are you wondering about  insurance claim or looking to find the proper cover? From now on you can get a guiding hand by referring to a personal email from a leading insurance specialist to whom you will be directed to provide initial and general attention by email.

fulfilling your rights / protection demands / insurance claims / retirement planning / insurance adjustment / import and export / cargo and vessels


Our experts

At your service, our team of leading experts with great experience and expertise in counseling and training in various insurance fields.


katia schwartzman - Senior Advisor and Lecturer in General Insurance, Claims Management, member of the Insurance Terms Committee of the Hebrew Language Academy, member of the Union of Insurance Law, senior lecturer and owner of the insurance website, served in senior management positions in Israeli insurance companies.

Shmuel Nevo - Senior and leading expert and lecturer in marine and aviation insurance, import and export, goods in transit and general insurance, member of the insurance terminology committee of the Academy of the Hebrew Language. Served in senior management positions in insurance companies and agencies.

Gabi Nekbali - holds an MBA in Business Administration, an Insurance Consultant and a leading lecturer in health and LTC insurance. Owner and CEO of Ofek Zahav, served as VP of Clal Health, Manager of the Business Division at Medtronic, VP of Bikurupa, Sales and Marketing Manager of the Shahal Group.

Haim Ariel - C.L.U Expert and leading lecturer in retirement planning, pension, long-term savings and work disability. Served as Chairman of the Pension Committee of the Israel Security Agents Association and Chairman of M.D.RT Israel and Advisor to Pension Arrangements in the LAHAV organization.

How does it work?

step I - Checking: How much money is at stake? Cost-effective - The money value of the question versus our cost.


step II - Purchase our answer when our question  justifies the price of 500 NIS + VAT that is only 585 NIS and receiving an invoice.


step III - Ask the question.


step IV - We refer your question to our expert in the field in which it dealt. The  experts written answer to your question, will be send o you by email, up to 4 working days from the day on which your question was presented.



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To get a professional expertise
After receiving the personal answer by e-mail you can purchase within three months from the day that you received your answer to your question, professional opinion or individual advice from the specialist that includes reference to personal details and specific insurance details at a discount rate less the amount you paid for the personal tip to be considered a down payment.


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   Example questions

 Getting insurance and claims

Health and LTC insurance

Should I agree to the insurance company offer to pay me only 2/3 of the e claim?


How do I get "directors and officers' liability insurance"? and how can I purchase a professional liability insurance for cleaning and security companies?


I am a sub-contractor in a huge project,  have no  insurance on my name. One of the neighbors claims that I caused him damage and intends to file a claim.


How is it possible to insure real estate for rent (tenant lessee) and urban renovation plan?


I have health and LTC insurance with a medic aide. Do I also need private insurance?


I have two insurance policies covering incapacity to work. Is this a double insurance or can I receive benefits from both?


 My claim for a refund was rejected by the supplementary insurance of the medic aide saying that the procedure I had is not covered. Can I get a refund from my private health insurance?


I have private health insurance since 2011. Should I cancel it and buy a new health insurance instead?


your question?


Life insurance

 Marine and aviation insurance

Can a 80 years old person who does not work buy life insurance for investment?


Can a 65 year old person purchase mortgage insurance in Israel?


Is it possible to change the investments options in my life insurance policy during the period of insurance?


Does the critical diseases insurance provide insurance for any disease that is associated with cancer?


I got an offer  to insure the import of goods at a cheaper price than I pay. should I start a new policy as from today or  I wait for the policy renewal?


I have two insurance offers to insure the cargo, at almost the same price. Which offer should I  choose?


Is there cargo insurance policy in Hebrew?


My customs broker told me I'd better do the insurance through him and save some money. is he right?


your question?



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Anat Springman Zagorsky

 I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prompt, courteous and professional help in the question I had in the area of ​​insurance! Your recommendation saved me time and unnecessary resources and brought me closer to a successful resolution of the problem that was!

Sincerely Yours,

Anat, Zgorsky Springman  poet, translator, interdisciplinary artist, curator and psychodrametrician

Avi Shani

Licensed franchisee in "Avi - the man who leads you to amazing results". Leads and brings the message of  healthy lifestyle as a mission.

Former, CEO of an insurance company and a variety of senior management positions in insurance industry: "The insurance industry is becoming more sophisticated every day, and the advice of a leading insurance specialist can be essential when reaching a crossroads.

 Due to my enamors ties with agents  deal alone with the insurance issues and insurance companies .For the better in the insurance industry and are recommended by personal experience as well.

CPA Miri Sadeh

Holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from Tel Aviv University and is an accountant for self-employed and business owners for decades. "I was assisted by the site's experts, and I saw that even if the insurance company writes that there is no insurance coverage, And rules in insurance (similar to the tax laws) that are important and important to examine. All in all, we are talking about money, and if you deserve an important payment, check instead of giving up. "

Haim Etkin Insurance adjuster

Senior and leading insurance in Israel,  specializing in property appraisals For decades, he has been studying Property Appraisal at the Insurance College of the Association of Insurance Companies and is a member of the Association of Insurance adjusters and the Association of Land Assessors. The insured finds himself often helpless against insurance companies and their representatives and is at their mercy. Recommends the service in light of professional experience The expertise and knowledge of the staff of the website - insurance rights basic check.




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* After thepayment of NIS 585 (500 NIS plus VAT) you will receive an invoice / receipt and you can submit your question (up to 500 words) by email and the insurance reply will be sent to you by e-mail within four working days.


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